Educational Services

Our educational trainings and presentations are informative, specific, and will give attendees up-to-date tools to better perform their duties. On-site training is the perfect solution for training a few employees or launching a widespread training effort. It's completely hassle-free and produces immediate and measurable results. Best of all, this service is available to members at no additional cost.

These trainings are available through our administrator, Clear Risk Solutions, all of which can be customized to meet your needs and are available to you in person and at your location. In addition, these trainings can be utilized by those throughout your school district, including board members, employees, and/or volunteers. The following is a list of the types of trainings available to all SIAW members. Call us today.

On-site Training
14 Duties of Coaching
Addressing Personnel Challenges Through Effective

Appropriate Professional Workplace Behavior
ASB and Booster Club Funds
Bullying in Schools
Bullying in the Workplace
Collision Response
Concussion Management
Confidentiality: Everything You Need to Know About FERPA
Confidentiality in the Workplace
Defensive Driving
Defusing Anger in the Workplace
Diversity in the Workplace 
Diversity with a Focus on Sexual Harassment
Dos and Don'ts of Discipline
Driver Training Simulator (DTS)
Driving Skills Cone Course
Enhancing Workplace Climate
Front-line Liability Issues Overview
Hiring Smart
Impairment Recognition
Law Enforcement Training Simulator (LETS)
Maintaining a Professional Work Environment
Maintaining Professional Boundaries
Managing Conflict
Managing and Disciplining Students Without Physical Intervention
Open Public Meeting Act/Public Records Request
Performance Appraisals
Public Officials Liability / Creating Balance
Public Records Request
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Misconduct
Right Response Training
School Security
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Social Networking with Professional Boundaries
Supervision of Students During Unstructured Times
Taser CEW Training
The Challenging Job of the School Bus Driver
True Colors® Communicating With People Who Think Differently Part 1
True Colors® Communicating With People Who Think Differently Part 2

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Driver Training Simulator (DTS)
Law Enforcement Training Simulator (LETS)
Right Response Training
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