About SIAW

The Schools Insurance Association of Washington (SIAW) was formed in 1995 with seven founding school districts. SIAW is a property and liability risk pooling program for school districts with enrollments in excess of 2,000 students. This program was designed to address the insurance issues larger school districts face and provide them with a viable insurance alternative. SIAW currently includes nearly 40 school districts. There is an eight member board, elected by the membership, which governs the program. SIAW’s focus is to keep rates affordable for its members while providing excellent services to help keep losses to a minimum. This philosophy allows members to keep more of their money in the district where it can do the most good.

Our Mission

It is the intent of the Schools Insurance Association of Washington to group school districts of medium size and similar nature together for the purposes of aggressive risk management, loss control, claims management, and insurance. The emphasis shall be toward insurance serving as excess to the tools of risk management, loss control, and claims management. Exposures needing to be insured will be greatly controlled, if not eliminated, through education and management.

Our Vision

To help members to take control of their insurance future and effectively address their risk landscapes by providing the best insurance products and risk management resources. 

Founding Principles

Our members are: 

  • Committed to pool stability by upholding safe and sound operational practices 
  • Willing to grow through education 
  • Dedicated to fostering a sense of pool community and partnership through responsible membership 

Relationship with Clear Risk Solutions

SIAW contracts with Clear Risk Solutions for day-to-day administration of the program. In addition to SIAW, Clear Risk Solutions developed and serves as the program administrator for the Cities Insurance Association of Washington (CIAW), the Non Profit Insurance Program (NPIP), the United Schools Insurance Program (USIP), and the Washington Counties Risk Group (WCRG). Clear Risk Solutions has over 40 years of experience providing pool administration, underwriting, claims adjusting, and risk management services.

Program Documents